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Add Motivational Maps to your Toolkit 

WordinfingertipsIndividual Mindscious Motivational Map Practitioners (LP1)

This training is ideal for Career Advisors, Consultants, Executive Coaches, Life Coaches, Performance Development Managers, Career Transition Specialists, Wellbeing Counsellors, Recruiters, Financial Planners, Psychologists and Trainers etc.

Certified Mindscious Motivational Team Map Practitioners (LP2)

Ideal for Business Coaches, Business Strategists, Change Management Consultants, Organisational Development Specialists, Human Resource Managers, Executive Search, Executive Search and Talent Acquisition Specialists, Executive Coaches and Business Owners. 

*Training Programme titles and order of delivery subject to change.

** We also offer a number of other on-site half and full day intensive workshops synergistic with motivation maps, energy and performance for sustainable change. 

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