Business Practitioner

Are you interested in building your own team of Licensed Practitioners÷

world searchiStock 000000670285Small copyA Business Practitioner (BP) adds another tangible layer of value to what you already provide your clients. It will help you extend your network and business growth in residual income and most importantly give your business the cutting edge capability to stand out in the crowd.

If you are an experienced, self-motivated, professional with an entrepreneurial mindset and an extensive distribution and or sales network, then you may be interested in the unique benefits of becoming a Business Practitioner with Mindscious unique proprietory methodologies.

This opportunity is ideal for an anyone with previous experience in people management and development, who is excited by the idea of creating and leading a stronger team of consultants, coaches and/or trainers to unlock motivations.    

A Business Practitioner enables you to achieve more, create new opportunities for residual income and lead a team of like minded practitioners (without employing them). You also receive additional benefits and training, with the potential to be involved in wider Alumni opportunities.

Other Benefits

  • Access to unique intellectual property which will enable you to differentiate yourself from other coaches, consultants and training providers
  • Offer a product that continues to add value to your clients, even after you have completed your project.
  • Develop a unique, proprietary and indepth expertise on motivation and performance.
  • Benefit from extensive ongoing networking with Mindscious Group Alumni
  • The flexibility to integrate with and extend your existing business model
  • Business support  using the Mindscious Learnbook LMS; various online tools, materials, the admin mapping console.

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