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The Mindscious Group offers you flexible training options for optimal learning.

One of the keys to great learning is tapping into individual differences in learning styles and having fun while you are doing it. We understand this and cater for a variety of learning levels and styles. Helping you create insights is at the very heart of our practitioner training in Mindscious Motivational Map Solutions.

Training revolves around self-paced, flexible and blended learning experiences, which can be delivered virtually and or in your organisation's venue, depending on the number of participants and your specific needs.

We believe that the more you are encouraged and supported to apply yourself to understanding and unpacking the maps, the more you will take away insights from your participation.

Talk to us about other key benefits of becoming a Licensed Practitioner  

Individual Maps - Licensed Practitioner (LP1)

Team Maps - Licensed Practitioner (LP2)

Youth Maps - Licensed Practitioner (YLP)

Business License - Licensed Practitioner (BP)

Business License Youth Maps - Licensed Practitioner (YBP)