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Our name, is a new word, made up of two words, ‘Mindful’ and ‘Conscious’. 

Mindscious 'adjective' : blending mindful focus and conscious action to generate motivations for effective performance". Created 11:26, 20 May 2007.

The term 'Mindscious' was coined by Sylvie Carter, founder of the Mindscious Group to specify and describe a new experiential coaching and facilitation process, designed to empower 'unconscious' and 'conscious' thinking and action to grow leadership performance and productivity.   The term was inspired by what is referred to as 'brain based' or 'evidence based' coaching.  

The Mindscious Group was founded in July 2007 to support leaders to empower motivation and performance for sustainable change.  To achieve this, the Mindscious Group incorporates a number of exclusive alliances to deliver and tailor its ‘unique sourced’ proprietory methodologies, tools, and solutions,such as licensing and training Motivational Map® Practitioners. We train and license Practitioners and also a number of Business Practitioners in our methodologies.  Delivery of our solutions within the public sector  is sourced directly via the Mindscious Group, particularly with all our Business Practitioners who are able to train others.

We are a privately owned Australian company, made up of a number of talented professionals who offer decades of collective experience working across the Private, Public and Not For Profit and Charity sectors, and know how to provide you with the right strategies for success.

We work with a range of sectors helping individuals, teams and their organisations understand what motivates them and the how to use this to develop connected and sustainable engagement and organisational change solutions.   Our solutions support continuous improvement 'above as well as below the line' ( 'hard and soft skills) for increased performance, productivity and profitability.

At the Mindscious Group we have some exclusive alliances and unique proprietory methodologies and programs that support the development of high performing cultures where individuals, teams and organisations to go beyond merely surviving to thriving.

mindsciousimageMindscious also support and contribute to growing an Alumni of Mindscious Motivational Map® Practitioners who meet regularly to connect, share resources and learning.  

Our Point of Difference

What makes Mindscious different?

  • Our passion and our expertise
  • Our exclusive license to accredit, train and connect Mindscious Motivational Map® Practitioners across Australian and New Zealand
  • Our success is building internal capability
  • Our unique, proprietary tools, playshops and programmes that set the right frameworks for change
  • Our track record supporting individuals, teams and organisational leaders at all levels
  • Our approach for anticipating and creating opportunities for transformational leadership
  • Our experiential ‘neuro scientific’ practices for ‘hardwiring’ new learning.
  • Our team's depth of experience to meet your specific needs and requirements.
  • Our practice in ‘positive psychology’ bringing focus on strengths versus weaknesses.
  • Our rich business and networking seminars

Our Structure

  • Brings in-depth industry specialisation driven by a philosophy of continuous improvement and total client satisfaction.
  • Leverages our expertise and capitalises on our shared knowledge, values and experiences
  • Offers flexible executive coaching, mentoring and consulting expertise on how to unlock motivation.
  • Delivers measured solutions for sustainable change or leadership transformation.
  • Supports individuals, teams and organisations to better engage, motivate and harness diversity.
  • License accreditation for coaches, consultants, HR Managers, L&D, OD specialists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Schools, Financial Planners, and Recruiters and Talent Acquisition specialists. 
  • Enables you to measure the 'return-on-investment' for the services we provide.
  • When you engage the Mindscious Group you are supported to unlock motivations and empower performance.  A good example of this is how we train internal L&D teams so they can better tailor and design their performance management, staff engagement, culture and learning and development and recruitment strategies.

Mindscious members and clients believe that true leadership starts from within, embracing a 'beginner's mind'  for the many possibilities that come with this.

"The future belongs to leaders who dedicate themselves to being open to possibilities

more consciously before they become obvious" Sylvie Carter, Founder The Mindscious Group

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