Listen to -  The Importance of Motivation - A Radio Interview with James Sale, Creator of Motivational Maps.

James Sale talks with Blog Radio Announcers, Hugh and Jim about the importance of motivation in sales, hiring and managing employees as well as in determining how to get the very best from ourselves in our lives and our businesses.

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Motivational maps have proved to be quite accurate regarding personal profiles and have given my managers and I an excellent insight into what motivates our teams. We have used the motivational maps to place stretch targets into staff performance plans, for both development and incentive. Given the maps highlight different profiles (defenders, creators, searchers) we are now considering how best to use the maps to effect major change across the next 12-18 months and we are using them to identify characteristics we will look for when recruiting new staff.” Robert O’Meara, Chief Finance Officer of Austrade

"I've completed a range of personality questionnaires and models in the past so I wasn't really expecting to hear anything new. I was completely amazed at the accuracy of the report and the new insights I gained from the feedback session.

Not only do I now have a much better understanding of my personal motivators but the absolutely new insight is how they support or cause conflict in my life journey!  I recommend Mindscious Motivational Map to anyone who is looking to gain new insight into what motivates them and more importantly what's holding you back."

Former Deputy CIO Customs and Border Protection Megan Kelly, Director - Shine Thru Executive Coaching 

Australian Federal Police

"The Motivational Maps tool we used I found to be a refreshing innovative tool that looked at me from a different perspective from all other tools I've used in the past. It focuses on motivations and looks at strengths and weaknesses in various areas. In the busy corporate world, tools such as this go a long way to increasing both motivation and mindset. Great experience, usable outcomes. Thank you!".

Naomi GrahamRegional Support Coordinator/Team Leader Corporate Services, Australian Federal Police

Amcor Flexibles, UK

“Motivational Maps - The managers felt that their productivity and performance had – overall - increased by 26% on average; and that although money was not the issue, costs benefit analysis revealed the productivity gains exceeded the total costs (including the actual work time) by some 32,000 pounds.” 

Andy Derrick, Former IT Director at Amcor Flexibles, UK  


Australian Medical Council

"Sylvie is the consummate professional and her approach to solving problems is truly unique in terms of understanding her clients, uncovering real motivations and talents and them tenaciously seeking to assist them in finding meaningful and purposeful work.

Sylvie has a warm, enthusiastic and engaging interpersonal style coupled with years of experience and acquired knowledge in the field of Human Resources, People Management and Executive Coaching . I commend her to you".

Catharine Armitage, Operations and HR Manager, Australian Medical Council


Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Sylvie understands global search and recruitment, as she undertook a challenging global search for a medical specialist for a senior government role. In this capacity she was an articulate and confident communicator, able to respond to sensitive issues in a clear, fluent and thoughtful manner and exceeded expectations through the use of good initiative and judgement. In particular Sylvie's sound understanding of the attributes that determine good leadership ensured that the best candidate was found for the jobs.

Former General Manager CASA - Graham Edkins, Managing Director, Leading Edge Safety Systems Pty Ltd.


"It was important to get to the very core level of what drove the teamWe had a very ambitious growth agenda and needed a common framework to have an open dialogue around the motivators we had in the business.

We wanted to do something purposefully different. I’d seen the motivational maps work well in a previous context and was keen to leverage that output again....The maps enabled laser precision, actionable insights, nothing is genericised. In working to empower my own leadership team there were intense moments of self-realisation and powerful conversations as a result”. 

Andrew Loveless, Commercial Director,  Ordnance Survey, Public Sector, UK


"Sylvie has an amazing passion, drive and energy for motivational mapping. Her honesty and professionalism is second to none. She has an uncanny ability to make you feel at ease the minute you meet her. Meeting her for the first time? Get ready for an absolutely energetic and funny meeting - she is a laugh a minute - but absolutely sincere about what she says and does. "

Raj Nathoo, Learning and Development Professional, Keystone Active Learning

Department of Agriculture

"Sylvie brings to the workplace a professional passion - with creativity and energy - she works effectively in mapping motivations and achieving the shifts in mindsets and culture that underpins productivity, innovation and happy teams". 

Darren Schaeffer, Consultant and Chief Finance Officer


The Mindscious Motivational Map has provided me with some great personal insights and has proven to be a great tool to help individuals and teams I work with, achieve greater clarity in their focus and satisfaction in their work”.

Martin Brooker, Entrepreneur, Change Leader and Speaker


Chilworth Technology Ltd, UK

"I've just spent a hugely enjoyable two days being trained as a Practitioner of Motivational Maps. I knew it would be good! Maps are based on very deep thinking and detailed research."

David Newton - Chilworth Technology Ltd, UK 

The Motivational Maps helped to bring clarity on the key items critical to my motivation and engagement.  The report was useful in its own right, but the debrief with Sylvie took the analysis to a much deeper level.

Her context, skilful questioning and practical examples provided many valuable insights and caused me to reflect on the things important to me in my work.  I would highly recommend the Motivational Maps as a key tool for anyone thinking about their next career move or simply wanting to maximise engagement in their current role. 

Training Manager Projects | EPMO | EnergyAustralia