Screen Shot 2017 05 29 at 8.25.59 PMDirector and Founder of the Mindscious Group

Sylvie is the Director of The Mindscious Group, a boutique specialist online licensing and accreditation company. Key business practitioners are licensed to deliver the virtual accreditation programs utlising unique proprietory methodologies.  

Sylvie continues to manage key relationships with national and multinational clients who have sought her advice and support to address their talent search, leadership and performance initiatives. 


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Principal Innovation Specialist

Screen Shot 2017 06 08 at 8.34.11 PM

Joh Rienks is an experienced Executive Coach, Personal Transformation, Learning and Development specialist. She leads the Mindscious practitioner licensing accreditation program with expertise in empowering innovation, creativity and well-being for individuals, teams and  organisations.

Joh has delivered over 670 workshops for a wide range of clients, using participatory approaches to empowering motivation and innovation, actively involving all people in contributing to effective outcomes.

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DerekLarkPrinicpal Strategy Specialist

Derek is an experienced senior executive who has led a wide range of organisations and teams.  His passion is business innovation and strategy. He understands the key issues and motivations that drive organisational behaviors and performance and is a strong advocate of organisational learning and shared leadership.  His key strength is as a pragmatic and engaging workshop facilitator, working with Licensed Mindscious Motivational Map Practitioners to support individuals and their executive teams convert a maze of options into world class outcomes. 

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