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Here you will see featured podcast interview with Sylvie Carter exploring conversations about the power of unlocking performance and productivity in ourchanging world.

Host Sylvie Carter talks to authors, thought leaders and professional all fascinated with exploring how motivation, strategy design thinking and innovation affects our lives.

As a speaker, author, and facilitator, Sylvie Carter explores compelling and original research into how we can continue to shape and evolve the way we engage and understand our unconscious thinking, taking more conscious action in how engage, make decisions and innovate in our work and world around us. 

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Podcast : Introduction to Motivational Maps,  -  Interview with James Sale, founder of Motivational Maps Limited in the UK. 

Exploring unlocking the key to employee energy and engagement. Why is awareness about motivaiton as well as building a unique language that empowersmotivation so fundamental to teams and organisations and yet often completely overlooked?

 Introduction to unlocking the key to employee energy and engagement [00:35:47]

Podcast : Power of Motivation in schools  -  Interview with Andrew Hamond

About Andrew Hammond, founder of Hammond Consulting in the UK, school principal, children's author and author of the educadtional 'Invisible Ink : Series of books published by John Catt Bookshop UK. Andrew is a thought leader with over 17 years of experience managing and motivatingstaff and students within the education sector (private and public) in the UK. 

 Interview with Andrew Hammond  [00:10:00]



Podcast : Exploring Youth Motivational Maps,  -  Interview with Mark Turner, leading Youth Map Limited in the UK. 

About Mark's background and how he started using Motivational Youth Maps?  Mark Turner for over 30+ years has been working in education and practitioners around the world, to help them unlock and empower motivation, particularly as this relates to students wellbeing, resilience and engagement.

 Introduction to Motivational Youth Maps  [00:3:24]




Motivational Youth Maps Case Study [00:8:14]




Power of Motivational Youth Maps [00:10:04]