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Responsible | Power Orientated | Influencial  


The Director Motivator likes to be able to influence the way things happen. A Director Motivator’s need is for power and influence – they want to be making the decisions, being involved as leaders, dominant about how things are done. They also like and seek out having more responsibility, so they can take charge of activity and change, influence other people along the journey.  For the Director motivator finds energising the opportunity to have control of other people and resources. They look towards moving into a role as the leader or the captain.  Being just an anonymous person in a group may leave the Director motivator feeling dissatisfied. In summary this motivator enjoys being given responsibility and a chance to lead.

Is the Director your top motivator? Are you finding enough satisfaction in your work, school or home life? Complete a motivational map for insight and action on how to stay motivated as a Director.

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