Unlocking Innovation


Are you interested in learning about the intent of 'Design Thinking' and how this can add to the toolbox of any facilitator?

Join us as we explore with you a new proprietory model and methodology for unlocking  creativity and innovation in teams. We like to think of the purpose as ‘wringing every great idea out of the heads and into the hands of the team.’





  • Learning how to  fundamentally shape and design cultures of innovative excellence.
  • Broadening learning to harness awareness and creativity in teams
  • Growing change agents, thought leadership and engagement through creativity
  • Identifying the biggest problem or challenge at work — and empowering decision on how to make a little progress toward solving it today?
  • Generating a buzz in problem solving and creative thinking

Mindscious offers you the opportunity to become a Business Licensed Practitioner in this cutting-edge proprietory new program, designed for capturing the minds (rational commitment) and hearts (emotional commitment) and hands (practical application) for individuals, teams and organisations.  The program is customised to ensure participants explore and develop creativity and innovation in the most effective way possible – through experiential play, collaboration and learning by discovery. 

"When we get creative, we adapt what is to hand – combining, reorganising, starting afresh – so that it better matches our interests and ideals. It is the opposite of feeling stuck and resigned, it is a  refusal to accept the status quo." Quote Book of Life