Unlocking Strategy and Decision Making

Practical Consequential Thinking®  an intensive workshop experience, facilitated by an experienced Licensed PCT practitioner for:

  • teams to explore the impacts of unconscious thinking and its impacts on decision making and the practical benefits of creating a discipline and framework to progress consequential thought – with particular reference to the complex systems thinking required for strategic and operational change 
  • collaboration with Interactive groups to assess and choose current and future scenarios/options using the unique PCT's lens framework covering key organisational impacts 
  • teams to investigate and engender a commitment to a vision, for key decision making alternatives and scenarios through the unique and detailed PCT framework, where quality feedback and assessment of outcomes and learning is prioritised.

What is Mindscious Consequential Thinking?


Put simply, Mindscious consequential thinking is a practice (or discipline) of thought and planning. It systematically assesses the pros and cons of particular proposed actions within a unique fit for purpose framework designed to reinforce the conscious and deliberate/structured ‘if/then’ thinking.

The overall structure of the Practical Consequential Thinking approach and framework could be described as meeting the three ‘As’:

Seen in this context consequential thinking is one of a suite of emotional intelligence skills. Thought leaders in emotional intelligence, particularly in America, have begun to apply this concept well beyond the educational focus and directly to organisational contexts. The awareness of and capacity with this type of thinking works well alongside practicing empathy, enhancing self-awareness, removing various unconscious biases etc, to provide an holistic approach to better strategic and pragmatic planning within organisations.

To enhance consequential thinking as a practice in organisations is to build upon existing platforms for strategic and operational planning and for risk management. However, it is also to release those disciplines/frameworks from the limitations they currently encounter including opposing and often not articulated forces in teams.

"The true meaure of the value of any business leader and manager is performance." Brian Tracy