Learning Centre

Practitioners engage and share learning in the Mindscious community utlising a dynamic and interactive Mindscious Learnbook learning management system.   Practitioners access this via the website home page - top RH corner 'Login'.  


ConnectFotolia 72666116 MSessions include online and face to face Masterclasses 


7 May 2015 Individual 'Adult' Motivational Map Practitioner program 

9 June 2015 Motivational Map Practitioner program

15 August 2015 Motivational Map Practitioner program

11 February 2016 Motivational Map Practitioner program

31 March 2016 Team Motivational Map Practitioner program

11 November 2016 Youth Map Practitioner Accreditation Program 

27 January 2017 - Motivational Map Practitioner Licensing Accreditation  

3 February 2017 Youth Map Practitioner Licensing Accreditation 

23 February 2017 Motivational Map Practitioner Licensing Accreditation 


You can reserve your place and receive enrolment details  - Click Here 

Enrolments open NOW also for Youth Maps .