Build Your Business, Building People.

Can you picture this? Working in an organisation where more than 80 percent of the employees are engaged and feeling motivated in their roles? Where teams show up dedicated to the same work goals and can't bear to miss a day of work because they feel the power of sharing their ideas and achieving more! Now consider what motivates individuals in your or your client's team, then map it and re-ignite it annually to keep it alive. Mindscious Motivational Maps help you explore :-

  • How much more productivity would be taking place in a team or organisation?
  • What level of satisfaction, creativity and support would that team be experiencing?
  • How would this impact on profitability and performance?
  • How to improve and boost your strategies for performanceproductivity and profitability.


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Mindscious Motivational Maps help:    

  •     Create clarity about potential and performance incentives.
  •     Harness possibilities developing talent and learning how to retain it.
  •     Optimise focus and energy evaluating motivations and empowering productivity.
  •     Build engagement managing performance using Mindscious Motivational Maps®.
  •     Focus on areas of interest and strengths and how these align with the corporate objectives.
  •     Energise individuals and team with targeted coaching, mentoring and training investments.

Consider becoming a Licensed Practitioner or help us connect you with a Practitioner in your location to help you sensitively probe assumptions while debriefing motivational maps for individuals, teams and or your organisation wanting to harness new possibilities, opportunities and manage priorities for change and cultures for innovation.  

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Level 2 -  Training for Team Maps

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