Mindscious Motivational Maps Unlock Motivation for Change

Are you passionate about unlocking motivations for yourself, your team and or your organisations then explore 

What is a Mindscious Motivational Map?

Mindscious Motivational Maps is based on compelling and original research into motivation and performance – giving consultants, coaches, and managers a huge competitive advantage. To learn about eligibility for practitioner training click below. 

Individual Maps

Team Maps

One significant difference with Mindscious Motivational Maps is how quick, easy and accurate each map is. This tool is totally dedicated to the topic of motivation along with its impacts and tensions for performance, productivity and profitability/Innovation.

Mindscious Motivational Maps are so accurate they provide incredible insights into what corporations, teams, as well organisations and you might really care about – getting things done with ease and increased purpose.

There are now a number of licensed practitioners available to talk you through how they are empowering change and learning.  So get in touch today to experience or learn more

Think about Mindscious Motivational Maps in terms also of how they can add value to your

  • Clients and or stakeholders, differentiating your business through quality client and stakeholder outcomes and referrals.   
  • Existing business model, and
  • Compliment your existing tools or pychometric assessements.
  • Personal development or leadership programs.

More and more successful HR Managers, L&D specialists, Financial Planners, Coaches, Facilitators and Consultants are recognising the power of becoming a Licensed Practitioner.  Accreditation training is online and available only through the Mindsicous Group for Australian and New Zealand. 

Click here to schedule an appointment to experience a Mindsious Motivational Map today or receive full details and pricing for Team Map Accreditation Training. 

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