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Build your business capability working with motivation

Performance depends on the right direction, the appropriate skills and massive amounts of motivation. When you can tap into understanding more about this motivational source, using a proven system, you can provide solutions to what is propbably the most difficult of things to manage and sustain - Motivation.

Mindscious Motivational Maps® is based on both compelling and original research into motivation and performance. This unique intellectual property gives you, your team(s) and your organisation or clients/stakeholders a huge competitive advantage in terms of your focus on performance, productivity and profitability.  

When you include strategies for change that include mapping motivations you can help individuals, teams and organisations going through significant change to better align goals; individuals to overcome personal or career challenges; managers to recruit and focus  teams in achieving greater productivity; and organisations to strategically align and support cultural change and well-being initiatives. See Case Studies.

Motivation Maps are unique in their simplicity, application and usefulness, they help...

  • Individual and teams improve performance and focus
  • Enhance well-being programs, reducing stress and sickness or absenteeism
  • Improve employee retention or recruitment strategies
  • Sales and customer services and engagement 
  • Insights into team and organisational dynamics
  • Managers and coaching leaders communication within teams 
  • Provides a common language through which everyone understands what they want and need when aligning  teams with organisational objectives
  • Enable awareness and harness diversity in teams.


BoardAdvisingEligibility: EducatorsConsultants, Executive Coaches, Life Coaches, Career Transition Specialists, Recruiters, Financial Planners, Psychologists, Trainers etc.

Licensed Practitioners undertake an inspiring and comprehensive training programme, with links to the Mindscious practitioner Alumni and all the materials required to successfully deliver and unlock motivations using Motivational Maps for individuals, teams and or organisations.

Mindscious Motivational Maps are fundamentally different from psychometric or other personality profiling tools.  Clients find Motivational Maps compliment and dovetail easily into existing programmes and with other tools as they enhance new learning around energy, change and performance.

Lets face it nobody goes to work on a Monday's because of their personality or psychometric profile; they go because of their motivators.  

Consider the transformational power of becoming a Certified Mindscious Motivational Map Practitioner.  Helping unlock your and your clients' motivations, growing your professional knowledge and achieving results by empowering the 3 P's - performance, productivity and profitability.

In the Accreditation Programme you will learn how to accurately identify and interpret the meaning and impact of:

  • The 9 dimensions of motivation
  • Unique KEY motivators
  • Satisfaction scale for each motivator
  • Conflicting motivators
  • Motivators which impact others

Learn how motivators impact:

  • Career orientation and satisfaction
  • Communication styles and preferences
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Goal setting and implementing change
  • Procrastination
  • Decision making and Risk Management
  • Relationships / Compatibility/Conflict management

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