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Do you know what truly motivates you, your team and or organisation?  Most individuals have some idea about what motivates them and with Mindscious Motivational Maps gain further insight into the power and impacts of their motivation. Each map and its debriefing session helps unlock the keys to 

  • high performance and leadership development
  • hidden tensions between motivators in individuals and teams
  • tailored training and customisation
  • career planning
  • strategy planning and execution
  • talent acquistion and onboarding

Each map takes only 10 minutes to complete online and you receive a 14 page full diagnostic report on what motivates you and how motivated you currently are. Each report contains 9 motivational reward strategy ideas and is extremely practical and revealing.

The more understanding and focus you can have on your and others motivations, the more effective and efficient you can be in channeling your energy ; so Mindscious Motivational Maps not only boost self-esteem but increase internal capability to perform at a higher level. Each map forms the catalyst for richer sharing and insights.

For teams and organisations going through change this is key!

Assigning the right mix of skills, experience and motivation

Mindscious Motivational Map practitioners pride themselves on building connections with leaders who bring the right mix of skills, experience and motivations for sustainable transformation. 

Depending on your existing skills base, strategy and vision Practitioners are trained and can help you better engage your individual employees and design and implement programmes and tools that build the right framework for sustainable success. You develop tangible and proven strategies to unlock and harness motivations while building your internal capability for greater learning and change.

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